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Felson Limited

Felson is offering a full range of options to help businesses and individuals choose their way in the contemporary world of work. We employ large number of people every day through a network of our employees providing effective staffing for our esteemed clients. With employment opportunities in the public and private sector, on both permanent and temporary basis, we make it easy for people to find employment and for companies to find staff with the skills they need.

We’re fully committed to helping you save time, control cost, and maximize value through Felson’s quality people, efficient processes and effective tools. Felson HR Services provides you with HR solutions you can use to protect and grow your business.

Our features


Felson employs are an unique matching algorithm based on machine learning framework. This unique matching process ensures that the best and the most suitable candidates are searched for quickly, ensuring agility and efficiency in the talent acquisition process.

Context Based

Felson matches the context of the employer with potential candidate, at the same time we meet the deadlines. Felson's recruitment methodology ensuring the right candidate is identified in minimal time.

Long-term relationship

Our service is built to establish a sustainable and lasting relationship with both candidates and clients. This is at the core of our service.


Our consultants collaborate deeply with the clients to understand their latent needs not only the stated needs. Felson’s focus on co-creation communication and stronger employer branding to deliver value to its clients and candidates.

Our team is focused on specific requirements of each client around their internal processes.

Domain experts carry out payroll and all compliance matters to ensure that there are no errors and all risks are managed appropriately.


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Name: Felson Limited
Address: Dositheou, 42
City: Strovolos, Nicosia
Zip: 2028
Country: Cyprus

tel.: +357 2 5262652
Reg. Number ΗΕ 293566